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Spa Treat Body Tratments

Lavender Essence

A scrub of lavender infused minerals exfoliates the skin and awakens the senses, followed by a massage with lavender essential oil.

Ayurvedic Rebalancer

Exotic herbs and warm essential oils exfoliate and moisturize in this ancient ayurvedic ritual.  A Shirodara warm oil treatment on the forehead and an application of herbs to the face and scalp complete the experience.

Zen Trilogy Wrap

A gentle grape seed exfoliation prepares the skin for a nourishing and detoxifying wrap of green tea, ginger root and seaweed.

Moor Mud Body Wrap

A detoxifying and re-mineralizing hot mud compress, along with a scalp treatment, facial massage and moisture application.

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

Naturally exfoliating aroma-infused sea salt with nourishing oatmeal and cornmeal, followed by a moisturizing essential oil wrap.

Herbal Body Wrap

Linen sheets steamed in fragrant herbs are wrapped around the body to detoxify, moisturize and soften the skin.

Chamomile Body Scrub

A gentle French pumice scrub with chamomile essence exfoliates and leaves the skin silky and vibrant.

Kukui Nut Sugar Polish

A gentle exfoliation of raw sugar and warming ginger oil, followed by a moisturizing application of kukui nut lotion.

Herbal Krauter Bath or Healing Sea Salt Bath

Your choice of aromatic bath in a Jacuzzi tub, personally prepared with a Spa beverage and iced cloths.

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