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Intro to Whole Body Alignment Exercise Series with Sarah Kotzamani

Intro to Whole Body Alignment Exercise Series

with Sarah Kotzamani

March 4th through 25th
4-week Workshop
Tuesdays, 6:00-7:25pm

Location: Group Exercise Studio
Club Members Only: $75
This 4-week workshop is an introduction into the exciting world of why "Alignment Matters," based on the cutting-edge work of biomechanist Katy Bowman.

We will practice unusually precise and revealing stretches and exercises, designed to help discover and release habitual muscle tension patterns that inhibit the true strength and health of our entire neuromuscular system.  More importantly, we will cover WHY we do these particular exercises and what the goals are. 

You will learn how to check and adjust your own skeletal alignment by seeing how certain visible bony markers line up.  You'll be surprised how just by lining yourself up in small ways you may never have heard of before, issues of discomfort or pain that have been a mystery up to now can be comprehended. Once you gain an understanding of how your alignment is causing trouble (or leading to trouble) you can begin to make changes in your everyday life that will gradually unwind the habitual muscle tensions you've acquired.

We'll also talk about questions like: 

  • How did we acquire these habitual muscle tension patterns?
  • What's a posterior-driven gait and why is it the best way for humans to propel ourselves forward?
  • Why is the position of the ribcage in relation to the pelvis so important?
  • What's the difference between posture and alignment?
  • And more!

The exercises are appropriate and beneficial for every level of fitness, easily modified for any health issues, and they really feel great!

About the instructor

Sarah Kotzamani is a Massage Therapist, Pilates teacher and Restorative Exercise™ Specialist. 

Sarah has been teaching Pilates since her certification in 2006 with Body Kinetics' 16-month classical Pilates teacher training program in Mill Valley, California. Her background in the study of exercise, dance, and martial arts goes back more than 20 years, with ongoing studies in deep anatomy and therapeutic body work, as well as continuing education in advanced Pilates trainings. Sarah is also PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certified, and a Hendrickson Method practitioner in orthopedic massage.

Her focus as a Pilates teacher is on educating and encouraging, having fun in the body with ever more physical confidence; balance and stability with mobility, and freedom of movement. Sarah’s approach to teaching is compassionate, humorous and challenging, and she welcomes and enjoys teaching all levels of physical ability.

For more information about Katy Bowman's work, see: http://www.alignedandwell.com

To sign up and attend, please contact Katy Yong, Director of Club Programming, at 510.549.8512 or kyong@claremont-hotel.com

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